Historia Crítica

The objective of Historia Crítica is to publish previously unpublished articles (in Spanish, English and Portuguese) written by national and international authors that will contribute to the study of History and the Social and Human Sciences, for a better understanding of the social, political, economic and cultural environment of the past and the present.



New number
We are pleased to inform our readers that they can now consult the latest Dossier History of Consumption No. 65.

Thomson Scientific
We are pleased to announce that the journal’s new classification in SCOPUS (Database of abstracts and citations for scholarly journal articles) corresponds to Q2, which is an important result of the work of the Editorial Team, the Editorial Council, and the Publications Team of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia).

Historia Crítica has been working on the assignment of a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to articles published from 2010 onwards. The DOI is a tool that will facilitate the elaboration of bibliographical references and the search for articles on the Web.

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